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Treehouse Educare Residential Services

Treehouse Educare residential services are designed to support and compliment the education that is provided at New Barn School. We believe that a holistic approach with the ethos and values consistent in the homes and the school is essential to ensure the best for our young people.

Our care is child focused and intent on delivering the highest quality of standards in an environment that is stimulating, nurturing and homely. We work closely with our young people, their parents, carers and professionals to identify the strategies, resources and learning that will help them to develop and overcome challenges to enable them to progress and achieve their full potential.

We are able to offer a wide range of residential options including 52 week, term time, weekday boarding and respite.

Nurturing Environment

Our two 4 bedded homes are detached properties set within 100 acres of beautiful countryside and a 5 minute walk from the school. The homes offer family style living. The small group model enables the young people to feel relaxed and safe. They all have their own individual bedrooms which they are able to personalise to suit their own tastes.

Every student has a placement plan which details their needs and how these will be met. They also have a key worker in the home who acts as their mentor and provides a high level of individualised support. The key worker alongside the form tutor in the school is the main point of contact with parents and professionals.

Waking Hours Curriculum

We provide 24 hour support for all our residential students and the learning opportunities are not just limited to the classrooms. The young people are able to develop their independence and social skills by getting involved in a range of activities in the home and in the local community.

This includes, with the support of staff developing a nutritious, balanced and healthy menu. The young people also assist in meal preparation, laying the table, clearing away and keeping their bedrooms and communal areas tidy.

There is wide ranging activity programme which the young people are involved in the planning of, the activities include, swimming, football, trampoline parks, ice skating, cinema and bowling. The children are also encouraged and supported to join local youth clubs, sports clubs and organisations such as Cubs, Scouts and Girl Guides.

The aim of the activities is to encourage the development of social skills, independence and confidence to enable meaningful participation in the wider community.

Highly skilled and motivated staff teams

Our staff team well trained, highly motivated and intent on achieving the best possible outcomes for the young people in their care. We ensure that the staff we recruit share our values and ambition for the service that we operate. In turn we ensure that they are led by a management team whose focus is on the welfare of the young people, staff development and the continual improvement of their home.

Consulting with young people, parents, carers and professionals

The young people in our care will live in a culture that encourages active participation in the decision making process that impact on their lives. We consult with our residents on a regular basis and their feedback is used to empower our service.

We work in close partnership with parents and carers to utilise their unique and valuable insight into the needs of their child. We value your opinions and will keep you informed about your child’s progress at all times.

The home and its service will work as a hub for co-ordinating all the care a young person requires. This allows us to understand the views of all our stakeholders, focus their activities on a common goal and marshal all available resources for the welfare of the child.


Our homes provide safe and secure family style boarding accommodation for children aged 7 to 19 attending New Barn. Accommodation options include:

  • Term time
  • Monday – Friday provision
  • Bespoke respite options
  • 52 Week placements

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Treehouse Educare residential services

The Cottages are our beautiful homes for young people attending New Barn School.