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New Barn SChool


We aim to provide individualised, aspirational education and care that inspires young people with autism to recognise their full potential and participate meaningfully in society. 

New Barn School delivers an ambitious curriculum to support pupils with autism and gain real life experience of Mathematics. Our curriculum has a clear rationale to ensure all pupils gain a useable and practical understanding of Mathematics which they can apply to real world situations with confidence. 

The New Barn Curriculum intends to:

  • Create a core emphasis on building the learners’ confidence. 
  • Use the National Curriculum Framework to underpin our framework.
  • Accomplish constructive spiral of teaching and learning where learning is a continuous process and is built on prior knowledge.
  • Generate a logical sequence of learning where key skills are repeated to show fluency and to consolidate prior learning.
  • Create a focus on cross curricular activities to promote language development within mathematics.
  • Accommodate learners that have gaps in their learning. 
  • To accommodate learners to achieve their potential in a New Barn Mathematics classroom.

Curriculum Map