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Technologies (Food Tech, IT)

Food Tech

Introduction to Food Technology

In our Food Technology lessons our main focus is developing each student's confidence and independence in the kitchen, allowing them to plan and prepare a range of healthy and delicious meals themselves. Each lesson students attempt a new recipe which requires them to practise and further develop a variety of different skills and techniques.

Every 4 weeks students spend some time reflecting on one of the recipes they’ve cooked previously. This time is used to evaluate the positives and negatives and look into what went well and what they could do differently next time. Students are then able to identify the different food groups that each ingredient belongs in and how this contributes to a healthy balanced diet.

Students looking to continue Food Technology into Year 10 will be able to take part in a Level 1 BTEC course progressing onto the Level 2 BTEC course in Year 11.

About the Food Technology Curriculum

Our Food Technology curriculum has been designed to be ambitious and individualised focussing on the skills needed to develop each student's knowledge and understanding. In addition to sensory exploration being of high importance, expectations of learning valuable life skills, expression and style, and mastery are consistently strived for.

Through a broad and balanced variety of units, a wide range of recipes, dishes, diets, and cultures are explored. New Barn School uses the Food Technology National Curriculum as a framework to ensure breadth of structure however planning is heavily adapted to meet the special educational needs and interests of our pupils.

Curriculum Map


Learning basic computing skills is no longer a target simply for the technologically minded. With the progression of modern technology computing has become part of everyday life. 

Being fluent in the use of computers allows learners to gain real world learning through numerous multimedia experiences – this blending of reality and the virtual realm can make any subject accessible, engaging and realistic.   


  • is part of everything we do
  • is here to stay
  • enables you to solve complex problems
  • Offers very lucrative careers!
  • Offers many tools to help express your creativity

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