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New Barn SChool


At New Barn, we are passionate about working collaboratively with parents, carers and families.

We aim to include families in our educational journey and place the student and their family at the centre of everything we do.  Parents are included in the creation of our student pathway plans meaning they are kept informed about their child’s progress regularly.  Parents are also invited to complete our Parent/Carer Questionnaire each year and their views directly contribute to New Barn School’s Development Plan.


For further information on our curriculum please refer to our curriculum maps. 

 Autism and Social Communication Advisory Team Exploring Autism for Parents and Carers.
A new and updated programme offering up to date thinking and links to research-based evidence for parent carers of autistic children and young people. /docs/Autism_and_Social_Communication_Team.pdf

Please follow this link to our parent/carer handbook /docs/NBS_Parent_Handbook_23-24.pdf

Parents portal and Arbor app
- please follow these links for information on the parent portal app.

/docs/Parent_letter.pdf /docs/Parent_Portal_and_Arbor_App_leaflet.pdf