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PE & Outdoor Ed


At New Barn School Physical Education develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. 

Physical education plays a pivotal role in promoting personal development and physical development.

Our curriculum enables opportunities for pupils to be competitive, collaborative and good effective communicators in both individual and team sports and activities. 

Physical Education is a key vehicle in promoting positive attitudes toward healthy and active lifestyles and aims to help foster lifelong physical activity.

Throughout the academic year our pupils are taught a range of different sports and activities which change every half term; including (TIPS – teamwork, initiative & problem solving), basketball, badminton, football, cricket and athletics.

We aim to build of the love of sport where possible and enter various sporting competitions, host and attend fixtures against similar schools to ourselves.

Curriculum Map

Outdoor Ed

It is the intent of the Outdoor Education department to provide an ambitious and engaging curriculum at New Barn School, which helps pupils to connect or reconnect with their physical environment.  Through hands-on kinaesthetic learning, a variety of topics and projects are undertaken that will arm and aid students to gain a greater appreciation of the natural world around them.

The curriculum has been designed in a way that follows a logical sequence that flows between topics and prior learning so students are able to show progression over time.  Throughout the entire curriculum there will be an emphasis on cross-curricular links so students can draw in with their prior knowledge and also take learning outcomes from Outdoor Education to other lessons.

All of units of work will have the underlying ethos of Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Problem-Solving and Time Management.  The aim being to guide, inspire and engage the pupils into an understanding of some of the processes, skills and knowledge of self-sufficiency and appreciation of the natural world.

Curriculum Map